Taste Mykonian cheese


At the heart of our operation lies an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

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All about the Taste Mykonian cheese.

We understand that the key to producing exceptional cheese, yogurt, Kopanisti, Tyrovolia, ricotta, and rice pudding is the quality of our milk. That’s why we exclusively use fresh goat and sheep milk sourced from Mykonos in all of our products. Our steadfast principle is to use only the freshest local milk, and we closely oversee every stage of the production and processing process, from ensuring proper animal nutrition and health to delivering the final product to our customers.

At our dairy, we strive to offer consistently uncompromising high-quality products. Our milk is sourced from carefully selected herds of small-sized, local breeds that produce less but superior-quality milk and graze freely in select areas of Mykonos and Rhenia. We partner with breeders who share our philosophy on the importance of tradition and quality. Our production process follows the seasons of animal lactation, and this direct connection with nature contributes to the unparalleled taste and freshness of our products.